Copenhagen in an afternoon

I travel quite a lot for work and I had the chance to go to Copenhagen for a conference. I managed to get a free afternoon to have a walk in the city.
No public transportation/car/bike is required to enjoy this town, it’s quite small and can be explored by feet.

As any other Northern European Capital the pattern is the same:

  • old city-> lovely
  • nyhavn(new harbour)-> it actually is the old harbour and it’s lovely
  • new city->meh, not really to be seen
  • Royal family palace-> to be seen
  • Parliament-> ok to visit








“The little mermaid” statue has to be added to this list, the statue per se is not as wonderful as I expected, it’s a really small statue, but the story behind it is quite interesting. Also the park surrounding it is beautiful, especially in April when all the cherry trees are in flowers.

If you go to Copenhagen you want to:

  • have a beer->Karlsberg, also they have many micro-breweries, just pick one
  • enjoy at Tivoli-> amusement park in the city center
  • eat Japanese: I know it’s strange, but the Nordic cousine is not as juicy as any other cousines-> this restaurant is the best Japanese in the nordics

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS usando Varnish 4.x

Utilizzando Varnich Cache puoi redirigere il traffico HTTP ad HTTPS che utilizza SSL/TLS.
Varnish di default non è in grado di “capire ” richieste HTTPS, quindi avrai bisogno anche un SSL Terminator(Hitch è quello consigliato in quanto si integra perfettamente con Varnish:

Ecco qui il VCL che devi utilizzare:


sub vcl_recv {
        if ( ( ~ "" && req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto !~ "https") {
                return (synth(750, "Redirect to HTTPS"));

sub vcl_synth {
    if (resp.status == 750) {
        set resp.status = 301;
        set resp.http.Location = "" + req.url;