Puerto Rico in 7 days

Delightful! Norwegian flies direct to Puerto Rico, new route opened since November 2015, we tried it out. Seven days a Caribbean paradise, we spent 3 day in the south, 3 days on the east coast and the last day in the capital: San Juan.

South of the island:

where to stay: we booked a very nice airbnb in Guanica(https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/30006376) very recommended, the owner is very nice and so is the apartment.

what to do:

  • nice beach very close to the apartment, if you feel like chilling out.
  • Jauco: nice town close to Guanica, you can stop in on of their fast food to try out the “platano” and other typical food.
  • Guilligan’s island: amazing island covered with mangroves, if yo go there you can dive and see iguanas taking a walk very close to you.( ferries leaves from a restaurant(here the coordinates: 17.950019, -66.877336).
  • Cabo rojo, go and take a walk on the cliffs where there is also a wonderful lighthouse.

East of the island:

where to stay: use airbnb, the apartments are usually cleaned and people are very helpful. We spent 3 night in las croabas, close to the ferry and the seven seas beach.

what to do:


  • The seven seas beach; it’s considered one of the best in the world(honestly I find difficult to think of a bad beach in Puerto Rico).
  • La culebra island: GO THERE, it’s just breathless, wonderful island!
    Ferries leaves twice a day from Fajardo.
  • Bio-luminescent bay: from las croabas, close to the seven seas after the sunset, leave kayak expeditions. The guide will bring you to a lagoon where you can see this amazing phenomenon(if you donùt know what it is, look here.
  • Rain forest: super green! You can go there and hike a little bit, or just drive through if you prefer.

San Juan:

Go there and spend your money!! Spend the night in a nice hotel adn get ready to got to the casinos and have some(= a lot of) pina colada(s)–> priceless!
The old San Juan is also very nice and full of history.


  • rent a car
  • eat pinchos, mofongos and empanadillas
  • drink lemonades and pina coladas