San Francisco in a day


I consider myself a very lucky person, I have a job I love and that let me travel a lot.

Just last week I’ve been to California and New York to talk  to a couple of conferences. Since I was there for work I didn’t have much free time and I manage to get a single day for sightseeing.
Here’s my impressions:

SF is a great city, very laid back, the traffic is terrible though, really!

Where to (NOT) stay:
We stayed in an airbnb in Albany, the house was great, but the commute to get to SF was about 1 hour per way(we had to cross Bay bridge every day). Get yourself something on the island if you can.

What to do:
You need to have a car, public transportation is pretty bad.

Pier 39: it’s the touristic pier, full of shops and restaurants. Sea lions usually are there, totally amazing and worth seeing.


Golden gate: stunning! Drive through it and get to thew point ov view where you can admire the bridge with the city and Alcatraz in teh backgorund. This is not a bridge, it’s a piece of art!


Lombard street: the most zigzaged street in the world. Nice, but not very impressing, it’s way more scary to drive in the “hill” area where is super steep and when you get to the highest point of a road you get the sense you are going to fall down from a cliff.


China town: it’s just a difference city. Food is great, make sure to eat dumpling and buy some tea 🙂


Alcatraz: we didn’t manage to go there, book well in advance if you want to visit this former prison, it’s very difficult to get a ferry ticket to the island.

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