Gaustatoppen hike

Last Sunday we went for the “usual” summer hike somewhere in Norway, this time it was Gaustatoppen which is the tallest mountain in Norway(1883 m, yeah, kinda disappointing, I know).
The cool thing about this mountain is that from the top, when it’s not cloudy,  you can see circa one sixth of Norway’s mainland, including the Oslo,(For reference it takes 2 and half hours drive to get from Oslo to Gaustatoppen).

To get to the top you have two options, either hiking up or taking the funicular: we obviously did the hike.
The hike is not among the most difficult, the complete round trip is circa 9.7 km and it takes no more than 5 hours. The way up is nothing but uphill, and the way down is only downhill. Bring with you some kind water repellent clothes, it’s still an “high” mountain and nothing will stop clouds from floating over it. Strongly suggest to use proper hiking shoes since the road is made out of stones and they can be pretty slippery sometimes.

Once on the top you can enjoy the view or a waffle/coffee at the cabin you will find up 🙂

The hike can be done in a single day.


Dublin in 26 hours

I’ve recently been to Dublin to attend a SRE(Site Reliability Engineering) conference and I spent no more than 26 hours in the city.
Dublin  is quite fascinating, but the rest of Ireland is stunning! Like, really!

The old Dublin, the whole Temple bar area, is very nice and you are kinda surrounded by the Irish culture, but the new city centre is just not nice enough. If you are looking for some shopping then it’s ok, otherwise just stay stick in the old Dublin.

Where to stay:
I stayed at the Dean Hotel(, very hipster and nice. 15 minutes walk to temple bar/city centre.

Where to eat:
I only had a couple of meals in Dublin, if we don’t count the ones I got at the airport or not he plane. I had a fatty breakfast at the roof bar of the restaurant, go there to get some food.

Then I had a dinner in the most rated restaurant in Dublin(based on trip advisor) in temple bar, DON’T  got there, the food is meh…totally not worth it!

What to do:

Well, I spent most of my time at the conference, as speaker and attendee, but I had the chance to enjoy the city. I ran, running is the best way to visit a city when you don’t have time…do it!


Copenhagen in an afternoon

I travel quite a lot for work and I had the chance to go to Copenhagen for a conference. I managed to get a free afternoon to have a walk in the city.
No public transportation/car/bike is required to enjoy this town, it’s quite small and can be explored by feet.

As any other Northern European Capital the pattern is the same:

  • old city-> lovely
  • nyhavn(new harbour)-> it actually is the old harbour and it’s lovely
  • new city->meh, not really to be seen
  • Royal family palace-> to be seen
  • Parliament-> ok to visit








“The little mermaid” statue has to be added to this list, the statue per se is not as wonderful as I expected, it’s a really small statue, but the story behind it is quite interesting. Also the park surrounding it is beautiful, especially in April when all the cherry trees are in flowers.

If you go to Copenhagen you want to:

  • have a beer->Karlsberg, also they have many micro-breweries, just pick one
  • enjoy at Tivoli-> amusement park in the city center
  • eat Japanese: I know it’s strange, but the Nordic cousine is not as juicy as any other cousines-> this restaurant is the best Japanese in the nordics

Trolltunga hike.

Le t me do the intro pretty quick: Trolltunga hike is one of the most famous path in Norway. It is circa 4 hours drive from Oslo. Once you get at the parking area then you have to start walking and walking and walking, basically 8 hours hike gaining 1200 meters. It is a medium difficulty path, nothing to climb, but walking uphill all way long with a 10 kgs backpack and melting snow is not that nice and easy.
The views you get throughout the hike are GREAT and when you actually get to the troll’s tongue,   at that very point you forget all the pain.

Tips for the hike:

  1.  Be ready for any kind of weather, from -10 and snow to 20 and sun.
  2.  When you reach Trolltunga you can camp there.
  3.  Water is not needed, fresh water is everywhere and it’s delicious.
  4.  You can see the Lemmings.(Big hamsters that live just in Nordic countries)


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Besseggen ridge hike.

Some pictures from my hike.
Besseggen is actually a very nice 15k hike, it is not too harsh as long a you are not afraid of heights as I am.
This hike is well know because of the spectacular view you get when you reach the ridge itself: a glacier lake with green water on a side and a darker lake on the other side.
Besseggen is in Norway, circa 4 hours drive from Oslo.