Italian central east coast: Pesaro and Urbino

I’ve recently spent 4 days on the Italian Adriatic coast. Went there with a bunch of friends just to enjoy the Easter break: have some good food and enjoying some sun.

It took us forever to get to Pesaro(it usually takes 4 hours from Milan), but it has been a pleasant drive!

We stayed in a B&B in the middle of nowhere…REALLY! It was great!
This was the view surrounding us:

20 mins by car from Pesaro to be precise, so if you want to be able to enjoy both the seaside and this landscape, get something on the hills(we were near Mombaroccio) and rent a car.


Let’s say the obvious: food and wine are amazing pretty much everywhere in Italy, but I really want to suggest to have as much fish as you can when you are on the seaside. If you are in Pesaro the restaurant “da Peppe” is strongly suggested.
Also, in this part of Italy there is something called “piadina” which is pretty similar to a tortilla, but better [ 😉 ], it is usually filled with ham, cheese and anything else you want to have in there. Do not fill it with fish, stay on the meat side if you have a “piadina”.

On the other side, on behalf of the Italian folk I apologies for every single mean word we(Italians) have “dedicated” to you (rest of the world) anytime you had put some pineapple on pizzas. We did something even worse!
We put meat, hard-boiled egg and mayo on a pizza!
It is called “Pizza Rossini” and it can be found only nearby Pesaro. It is actually pretty good, but it really looks like the “hangover food”(you know when you are drunk, it’s 6 in the morning and all you have left is a frozen pizza, a egg and mayo…there you gooo)

You can bike from Pesaro to Fano, it takes no more than 40 min, it is completely flat and you also get a beautiful view of the beach.



40 mins by car from Pesaro.



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